Contrubute samples to an upcoming XTAL FSCK performance (FEB 24 at the OWL in CHI). We NEEED viddeeooooo of ppl making their best circuit bent impressions witht theier facemouths.

  1. UR cam 📹 will turn on when you press the red "Record Your Video" Button below.
  2. Press the cam's Record Button to start recording (usually, it's a red dot).
  3. 🗣 Say your name (for documentation/credit/attribution) Make noise, u fsck'n freak!!!!!!
  4. When done fsck'n around, press the cam's Record Button to stop recording.
    • (Some telephone computers make you save the vid to your camera roll and then upload it)
  5. U may be given the option to "Retake" or "Use Video," zOMG plz press the "Use Video" or "OK" option to UPLOAD UR VIDVIDVIDo.
  6. Wait a second (or a few minutes, depending on your connection and the length of your video) while it uploads. You should see a percentage working its way to 100%. When it says "Processing", that's it... 👋 kthxbye

Simply refresh the page if ya wanna add another01...You can share this link with buds and other noise faces. Simply email or text them the link! Halp Jason & Jon gather PREMIUM MODERN NOISE CONTENT!!

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